Sunday, May 31, 2009

Row, Row, Row your Raft....

So, on Saturday we went with some others from Rob's work to go rafting down the Nahe river (it is a tributary of the Rhine River here in Germany.) We woke up fairly early for a Saturday and Rob drove the bus. Here we are unloading, blowing up the rafts, and getting all the gear figured out:
Here is the one and only self pic so you can see Rob and I were actually in the raft. We got quite a bit of sun and are red faced now. One of the other rafts that we passed. (We were near the front most of the way.) At the end we arrived in Bad Munster where they had a fest going on. This worked out great since we were all pretty hungry by this point.

Here is a group shot of those of us who went rafting. This included getting soaked, having to get out and walk the rafts over 3 rock dams, splitting the bottom of one raft and popping 1/2 of another raft less than 3 minutes into the trip down the river. We saw swans, baby ducks and even a bridal party walking in a park along the way. All in all, it was a great day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer in Seattle

Okay, my mom rocks. No,...wait... I can do better than that. My mom ROCKS! She's naturally pretty cool but she out did herself yesterday by buying some mileage points and trading them in so that my round trip airfare from Frankfurt to Seattle only cost... (wait for it) ... $268! And this is summer travel mind you. Didn't I tell you she ROCKS??
Anyhoo.. I am going back to Seattle for part of this summer (the 2nd half to be more specific). I went last summer for a 5 week visit. During that time we went to Oregon (no sales tax!), shopped at the mall grand re-opening, went to one wedding, and saw two of my friends that each had a baby (one a boy and one a girl). Just like last year I will be spending my wedding anniversary away from my loving husband. But, unlike last year where the actual day of my anniversary was spent doing yard work and going to the city dump (not that that wasn't "special"), I'm glad we will be heading down to the Oregon Coast (where Rob actually proposed) for my 5th anniversary . I also will be there for my 10 year high school reunion and my brother's 31st birthday (I left before his big 3-0 last year.)
I should be an exciting summer- with camping down in Garmisch for the 4th of July weekend before the trip back to Washington. I'll be sure to blog about it better than I did last year.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finishing out the week

Yesterday, Glory & Grace went back home. I was thinking of telling their dad that I was going to keep them and they would stay with me- but apparently there is some law against that... so off they went home and I'll see them again soon. We did have fun though and I took quite a few pics of all that we did, but I decided to share just a handful with you so that this post wasn't too, too long.We went to the Chinese Tea House in Luisen Park on Friday.

And played on the many playgrounds.
We slurped jello through straws. My granny taught me how to this at those all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants in the States. My mom never let me do it at home though since it does make the most disgusting noise (but, kids love it- so go make some jello and give it a try!)I love the expression on Grace's face here.
We played Disney Scene-It before bed...
... while Rob played on his computer.
Here is one where they knew the answer:

And one where they didn't:

Later, when bedtime came, I noticed I hadn't heard Rob reading the bedtime story for a bit. I went to investigate only to see that they had fallen asleep.

*Excuse my silly, giddy self but I was just excited to see them both sleeping- head to foot on the same side of the bed. So, ignore me (I'm the one acting like a big goof ball) and enjoy the short video.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Double the Fun

I simply LOVE having Glory & Grace over visiting for the week! We are having a lot of fun (and I can't wait until I have my own kiddos someday). Here is some of the things we have been up to this week...

We made cookies.
Glory made sure they tasted right.
Grace got a little too excited with mixing.
We put on sunblock to go outside on the playground. Where the girls got a little silly...
and convinced me to join in!
We painted our nails (pink and blue and *s*p*a*r*k*l*y*) before bed then let them dry while Rob read another chapter of the bedtime story. And then it was off to sleep and get ready for a another fun filled day in the morning. Thanks for checking in with us!

Monday, May 18, 2009

ATC & Mom Practice

This weekend I went with to the other new board ladies from PWOC (Women's Group at the Chapel) to our Annual Training Conference (ATC).

We attended classes for our different board positions. (I'm doing Participation again this upcoming year because I simply enjoyed it this past year.) And we bonded. I can't wait to serve God and the ladies of Mannheim alongside these new friends. So many of my friends are PCSing (military moves) this summer- and without a so much as a blink I see God taking care of my social and spiritual need of fellowship and has provided new friends (not that they replace the old ones- but simply add even more joy to my day, and facebooking).
So I was gone Friday through Sunday afternoon and had a BBQ to go to about 3 minutes after I walked in the door with my suitcase. I had left my loving husband a page and a half letter on Word on his computer (where there is no way he could miss it) with requests for laundry to be done, the dishwasher to be unloaded, a detailed shopping list,etc. He had all weekend- and all he was able to do was pay the phone bill. (*Sigh*- I do love him, I just wish he didn't feel the need to show me just how much he loves and needs me...)
Anyhoo... we have a friend who has twin 7 year old girls and he is on a trip for work this week so... GUESS...WHAT????!!!
I get to practice my mom skills for the whole week ! (Okay, all you moms out there, this is a new experience for me so it is still a big novelty and fun, fun, fun.) And yes, I already have plans for baking cookies, a pizza night, crafts, we started "The Tale of Despereaux" as the bedtime story last night, and time at the park is scheduled. (Can you tell I am just eating this all up?) Speaking of eating- I probably should go to the commissary since we have no food (remember that ignored Honey-Do list I left Rob?) and I have hungry little girls staying here now.
I'm sure there will be plenty of more blog entries and pictures as the week progresses- but let me share one of Glory & Grace displaying their artwork before we headed off to school this morning.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 German Years and My Mommies

This is my 3rd German Birthday- 3 years since we moved here. We were originally only suppose to be here for 3 year and so I should be surrounded with boxes and movers right about now, but instead we were able to extend our time here. The Army has us down on their paperwork for staying in Mannheim for another year- but only God knows if that time will actually become shorter or longer.

*Sigh* So in these 3 years:
We have traveled to over 20 new countries, made many new friends, had 4 visitors from the States, grown in our marriage (almost 5 years!), made the decision to make the Army a career, and started a blog to tell my public about it all. (hehe...yeah, like I have "public" just dying for juicy tidbits of my life to be revealed in my next post.)
I wonder where we will be heading a year from now...
Also, since today is Mom's day I wanted to give a shout out to all my moms. From my mom, PJ, to Rob's moms, to those nurturing "aunts" we all have in our lives who step in and mothered me when I needed it. I love you all!
Here is a recent pic of my mom and me when she (and Dad) came to visit last month.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is National Day of Prayer- so get out those knee pads and get prayin' y'all! If you go to the link you'll see there are 7 areas of focused prayer:
Government- (sadly, President Obama decided not to recognize this day of prayer- and with so much change, prayer is needed for our leaders NOW!)
Military- An area so close to home for myself and many of my friends.
Business- Something America needs to focus her attention on during this difficult time.
Education- What other way is there to improve in the future if not through the education of today?
Media- When the good is so seldom reported and the scary is so grossly shoved in our faces.
Church- Our support system of fellow believers, let us gather together in prayer.
Family- As Mothers' Day approaches, it is time to focus on family.

Okay... you get the message, God wants to hear from you!

Now on a lighter note. I found this clip and just laughed!! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rob's 29th

Happy, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Rob- who is 29 years young today! The less-than-one-year countdown to 30 has begun! *Insert wicked little laugh here.*
Honestly, though, he is wonderful and I thought, in honor of his 29th birthday, I would share with you all 29 reasons why I love the guy...
1.I love the way he greets me- on the phone or at the door- with so much love in his voice.
2. I love that he is always willing to be my TallMan Superhero and reach those things up high that I can't.
3. I love those green eyes of his. (Green also just happens to be my favorite color.)
4. I love that he dreams big.
5. I love that he doesn't let reality (or me) squash those dreams.
6. I love that he encouraged me to get a costume of my own so we can now both dress up for Renaissance fairs.
7. I love that he cooks!
8. I love that he loves the Lord!
9. I love that he'll slow down the pace of his long, long legs when we walk together.
10. I love that he loves to write.
11. I love that he chose to marry me.
12. I love that he is a soldier, and proud of what he does.
13. I love that he will, without complaint, trade plates at a restaurant if I end up liking what he ordered better.
14. I love that he'll sing in the shower.
15. I love that he gets up at 5am to go to work to provide for the family (while I can simply go back to sleep for a few more hours.)
16. I love that he was willing to drive over 25oo miles on our recent vacation to Italy- with his in-laws in the car, too!
17. I love that he apologizes with roses.
18. I love that he still plays with Legos.
19. I love that he likes the same style of decorating as I do.
20. He'll watch chick-flicks with me.
21. He lets me have my way more often than not.
22.He remembers to call home and talk to his mom, dad, and brothers.
23. He'll eat the burnt parts of my toast for me.
24. He lets me walk along the 1/2 walls we find so I can enjoy my 2 minutes of being tall like him.
25.He babies me when I'm sick...
26. (and sometimes he babies when I'm not sick, but what the attention anyway.)
27. He always has my robe ready and waiting for me when I get out of the shower.
28. He doesn't mind (too much) when I nod off in the car instead of keeping him company.
29. and last, but not least, I love the way he loves me!

Friday, May 1, 2009


So, this past month we went on vacation.
Mom and Dad (and my friend from college, Patty) came to visit. (Patty was only able to visit for 2 days before going to meet up with some other friends in Germany.)
We visited the area before heading off to Garmisch for Easter weekend. The weather was great and we were able to do some hiking around the lake while soaking in the beautiful Alps. There were LOTS of frogs in the lake and I actually caught one and decided to see if he was a prince- he wasn't (but since I'm married to my Prince, that's okay.)
We headed south through Austria and into... It-Lee (my dad is from the mid-west and can never say the "a" in Italy so it sounds more like It-lee. )
Then it was off to Venice and glass shopping on the Island of Murano (where all the glass is made). Then we went to wade and collect shells at the Adriatic Ocean. After that we went to San Marino (a cute little country, land locked in Italy, with its castle built on a cliff.)
Our next stop was Rome and Vatican City where the sun was at its best and we all got a little red. We ate at Hard Rock (yes, we are typical tourists it seems.)
Our second week we stayed at Camp Darby near Pisa and used that as a base to visit: Pisa, Cararra (where all that marble comes from), Florence, Siena, the beach area nearby, Lucca and Cinque Terre. The last being the most gorgeous 5 path-linked coastal towns in the world (I could easily have done a whole slide-show of just pictures from here.) While I am super proud of my parents for bravely hiking the most difficult section of the trail- Rob and I did all 4 parts that linked the 5 towns and finished along the Via de Amore (Road of Love) just as the sun was setting. The most shocking moment (besides the sudden soaking downpour of rain) was running into our friend, Andrew, from Mannheim going the opposite direction along that little trail in the Italian Riviera!
We then left Italy, driving into southern Switzerland and stayed in Lugano (near the lake district the 2 countries border). Then it was to Konstanz to be near the Bodensee (BIG lake that Germany, Switzerland and Austria border). We had the most amazing meal at our hotel where we cooked our meat on a hot stone brought to our table. Later we walked it off looking for the carnival in town we had seen driving in earlier- and Rob and I went on the biggest, most up-side-down-and-dangle-you ride they had. I held on and screamed for dear life as I felt my bottom leave the seat (yes, you read that right, I was starting to fall out!) when we were suspended upside-down who knows how many feet above the cement below! Rob just let out a roaring laugh and yelled for more. *Sigh*... so my "prince" has less than knightly moments it seems.
Anyhoo... then we came home. Mom finished sewing new pants for Rob's Renaissance outfit (his birthday gift) and then they flew out early Wednesday morning.
I loved being able to travel with my hubby and visit with my parents. I can't wait until our next vacation... already the ideas are forming.