Monday, March 30, 2009

Complicated Pics

The world of digital pics is great- but sometimes it makes itself way too complicated. Recently my wonderful husband bought me a card reader so I don't have to hunt down the cord to hook my camera up to the computer(which I was never able to find after the our cruise this last summer.) So, in theory I should be able to take the little electronic chip full of pictures, put it into this card reader and viola!- have my pictures all ready for blogging, facebooking and all the other ways I post and share them thinking you wonderful people actually want to see them.
Well, that same wonderful husband also bought me a larger picture card (apparently I need to be able to hold over 600 images and not 200 like my previous one let me.) Seems the bigger disk is too much for the card reader and will only recognize the smaller 200 picture holding disk and while I have many pictures on my camera I want to blog and share with you, guess which camera card they are saved on. Oh, come on, you know the answer, guess...
The big 600 picture one. *Sigh*. So while I would love to show you pictures of our trip to the Easter Egg Market in Michelstadt * last weekend and the pink wonder that as a friend's 3-year-old daughter's Princess birthday party- you will have to wait since I am simply too lazy to get the pictures on the computer by feeding them through our digital picture frame which is on the other side of the room right now.
Thanks for understanding. =)
* The pictures of eggs here are not necessarily from Michelstadt (or even Germany for that matter) but do show what the eggs at the market I went to looked like. The picture of the building with a bunny band below in Michelstadt is real, though.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The BBR in Poland

This past weekend I went with 5 of my good friends to Poland to do some serious pottery shopping. While I bought various things for gifts, I was the only one with a particular pattern and kept my eye out for the green speckled and flowered pattern Rob and I had picked out back in August of 2007.

We left early Friday morning in 2 large vehicles. We stopped at a few stores on our way to Elim Christian Center (yup, same place we went on the mission trip for Thanksgiving). I bought some great chips and salsa bowls with a rare chili pepper pattern on them that first day.
Saturday was Operation Polish Pottery and it was a full day of shopping. I probably bought way more than I needed to- but I am only a few key pieces away from having everything I could possibly want in our pattern. And I have gifts to last me through a few birthdays and such.
For dinner both nights we ate at the same WONDERFUL pizzeria. For all 6 of us to eat 2 giant pizzas (they have their own table that is placed next to our main table) salad and have wine was only about $30 total!
We left Sunday after a devotional (we had to forgo going to church since it started too late in the morning) and arrived back home in the evening with very weighed down cars to unpack.
While I love the pottery I bought, what really made the weekend so great was my BBR sisters. Since the Army is separating us soon we have vowed not to simply become Christmas card friends- and the passing of the Blue BeetRoot key chain every month (and facebook, of course) is going to help keep us as close as the sisters we now are. God really has blessed me with godly, goofy women to befriend along this journey called life.