Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, I know I am very behind in posting. I have decided that you're all simply going to have to live with that and I will post this and that of what has been going on (out of order and at random) until I somehow find myself all caught up (let's see if I ever do get there....)

Today, I'm going to share my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Rob and I went in April and this was our last big European trip before we moved back stateside in May. Rob had been BEGGING to go to Dubrovnik and I finally found tickets to go over a 4 day weekend that would not break the piggy bank.

We went on a 3 island tour one day on a little boat. Here I am pointing out the welcoming signs at each island:

This is the main church, we even saw a wedding procession. The statue's name is Orlando:
View of the old marina from our dinner table.
At the gate to the Old City:
Family of cats & kittens living in the old wall:
Sending out those post cards!

We hiked ALL the waaaay to the top of this hill on the last of the 3 islands- just in time to take a few pics and run back down to make our boat as a storm came in.

That's me on Lokrum Island- where King Richard the Lionheart crashed on his way back from the great crusade.

Hope you enjoyed looking at a random sampling of our trip. We had a great time!