Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy Day

So, obviously, today is Father's Day- only I don't really have a "father" I have me a Dad, or better put a Daddy... and I'm not afraid to call him as such out in public where the whole world can see me using a term most people stop using by the time their age gets into double digits.

And that is simply because I have the best darn Daddy in the world. I get to see him in less than a month when I go back to Seattle for a bit- but here are some pics of him from our most recent trip through "It-lee" (that's dad talk for Italy).
Giving the ol' one-eye!(hehe)
On top of the Leaning Tower in Pisa. See how great he is at point out all the sights for me?


Monday, June 15, 2009

Loco for Legos!

This most recent 4 day weekend Rob and I pulled out the Legos. I began work on my summer castle Friday and finished by that Monday (I did take a day off for a trip to Mainau Island.)
Well, here it is:
In this shot you can see my pink bed with the remote to my swivel flat screen TV (so I can watch from bed or my bath (part of it is visible to the left of the yellow swivel chair). Also, there is part of my bathroom- complete with water in the sink and paper towel holder next to the toilet.) There is a spiral staircase leading down to the main floor and then to a ladder leading to the cellar.
This is the pool house that Rob, my handyman, stays in. There is a satellite dish so he has TV and internet (his one demand). To the left of it is his outhouse with a barrel he can fill from the water spigot (on the right of the house) to wash up. That is Rob there BBQing some hamburger patties on the grill to go with the 2 pizzas on the table.

Here is another shot of my bedroom- showing more of the bathroom, the staircase, and my TV.
This is the garage, stables, dog house (and dog dish), and the koi fish pond in the back with the red shade umbrella.
The garage has a opening roof and here you can see the car and the work table with an instruction manual for my handyman. The 2 purple tourist buses (for those that want to tour my estate) are parked in the back. You can also see the bench and tiki light next to the koi pond. The rock area on the right lead up to the main arched entrance where my white horse is waiting to take me for a ride.
Here you can see my on my balcony overlooking the pool and playground. If you look you can see I have a side door from the castle with steps leading down to the area, as well.
Here is the yard- the pool (yes, a ghost is on the diving board though no one is on duty in the lifeguard chair!), the playground with coverable sand box, sit-n-spin, and mini slide.
Ok, I know I went a little Lego Loco- but I had fun. We are thinking of ordering some more legos so I can better build the things I want next time (Rob has specialty sets for space and castle stuff- but not too much else.)
If you love legos too you might enjoy these Lego themed cakes here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mainau Island

On Saturday we returned to Konstanz (we were there back in April for the end of our big Italy trip). In April we had stayed at the Peterhof Hotel (I highly recommend it!) and had the best dinner at their restaurant and the included breakfast the next morning was nothing less than awesome. Last time we were not able to make it to Mainau Island on the Bodensee (the big, big lake down where Germany meets Switzerland). This time we went straight there and opted not to stay overnight but make it simply a day trip.
Well, Mainau Island is basically one big garden/park. You leave your car in the parking lot on the mainland and walk across a bridge to the wonderful land of flowers, a castle, flowers, play areas, wonderful views and even more flowers. It was sunny and simply gorgeous. We even saw a very fancy, formal wedding party that were on their way to the chapel (and after the church bells rang for a while we saw them all outside taking pictures in their elegant wear-- I would have been so uncomfortable in formal wear in that heat, but oh well.)
We took a lot of pics, but not any of the wedding party (sorry)... and here are some of the shots we took for you to enjoy:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Sound of...

Music! (of course, what other sound were you thinking it was going to be?)

Last night we went to see "The Sound of Music" at the Roadside Theater in Heidelberg.
Before hand we thought we would try the little restaurant just off post (which was very yummy, by the way) and saw our friend Yvonne, who is starring as Maria (and was Belle a couple of yeas ago in "Beauty & the Beast"), at the bar (don't worry we didn't have a tipsy Maria, she was drinking water with some friends before the show.)
Anyhoo... the play went great. It is the last weekend (they have a matinee today and they are done.) I looking forward to seeing what shows they decide to do for next year.