Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Trip Home

Recently (well, back right before my birthday last month) Rob and I hopped a Space A flight and went back to the Seattle area for a visit. Rob had not seen his side of the family for almost four years. When we went and rang the door bell his mom started screaming and couldn't get a proper breath for nearly two minutes (oh, did I mention they had no idea we were coming? - we just showed up on the doorstep!) hehe, it was well worth it.
All in all, I can really only say that it was great being able to catch up with family on both sides as well as see a few good friends. We saw Avatar in Imax 3D, went bowling, had Rob fix some computers, had a Super Bowl party at my brother's place, and went out to dinner at restaurants we are deprived of overseas.
Coming home we were very blessed in the timing of everything so that we were able to make it back to Germany before the second set of blizzards swept the east coast.
In a little over two months we will be moving (we haven't been told where yet-- a post I'm sure will be coming) and we are looking forward to being closer to family so that we will never again have to go anywhere near four years again until we see them.