Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The big 5-0-0!

Can you see it? I've had over 500 hits on my blog. Thanks y'all for reading (did I just go southern there for a minute?) Oh, well- thanks, again, for reading.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Movie Recomendations

I have seen a few movies recently. These include:

Lucky Seven- a cute romantic comedy set in Seattle (the Space Needle skyline on the design drew me to it.) It has the actress from Father of the Bride.

Mamma Mia - Makes you smile and sing along at some points but not a best musical for me.

The Golden Compass- I waited until it was only $1 to rent so that the makers wouldn't make money off a book written by an atheist trying to spread his (un)beliefs. I still say nothing will beat Narnia.

Army Wives (Season One)- I waited to watch this show until it was out on DVD and I could see all the episodes at once. While it makes Army life seem WAY more exciting and scary and dirty than it really is (trust me) it is still a good show.

Definitely, Maybe- Cute show that brings a few twists to just the question of just who is the mom. I saw 2/3 of the movie on my flight back to Germany this summer and was dying to see the end.

And my #1 recommendation: Music Within! It is based on the true story of Richard Pimentel who helped greatly in the passing of the 1990 American with Disabilities Act (ADA) after becoming deaf while serving in Vietnam.
My advise: Watch the movie then go to the bonus features and watch his speech- the real Richard, not the actor portraying him. It added to the story to see him share it all in a nutshell after you see the movie tell it.