Friday, November 20, 2009

Frosting Face Girls

So while Grace & Glory were here for the week we decided to make cookies. I had a lot of food coloring left over from when I did some baking this summer- so we got a little crazy mixing up different colors (including some neon shades) that by the end we ended up with some on our face. We added a little more of the left over colors and well... you can see for yourself:

Colored fingers- A special cookie made for Rob-
A cookie made for Chris, my brother-
Just plain fun with frosting colors-
A 'B' for Bri-
Frosting Faces-
The wipe-offs of those faces-

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some more G & G

A while ago we had our friend, Mike's, adorable twin seven year old girls stay with us for a week while he had a conference for work. Well, he had another conference and we were blessed with Grace & Glory for another week. We had nail painting sessions, cookie making, we decorated Thanksgiving bags of food to be given to the chapel's food bank, watched movies, heard bedtime stories and had lots of other fun after school and homework. Here are some pics of our fun week:

Cookie shaping-
Grace's Thanksgiving bag-
Glory's Thanksgiving bag-
Some of the "decorated" food that was in the bags-
Adding more decoration-
Rob reading at bedtime- More Narnia reading-

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3 1/2 Years

Today marks 3 and 1/2 years since Rob and I first arrived in Germany and started calling this place home. Originally that was only suppose to be 3 years but we were able to add on one more. This means that we only have 6 months until we move!
Where to, you might ask?
Now before I tell you- let me assure the family that, yes, we did try to get Ft. Lewis and be closer to all of you- It was not an option at this time.
We basically had a choice between 1. Fairbanks, Alaska 2. Ft. Hood, Texas and 3. Savannah, Georgia. I don't do cold and Ft. Hood* is in the middle of no where without an ocean- so we picked Savannah.
Now some of you smarties might remember a post a while back going on and on about our Army plans and Rob trying to go to Warrant Officer school and flight school to not just be able to fix, but also fly, helicopters. That is still the plan. Savannah is simply the back-up plan in case we don't get accepted to the flight school at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. (Naturally, we'll keep you posted.) Rob has completed Part I of II for his flight physical. Part II is next week and then he'll be able to send that off, and then the rest of the application packet by the end of the year. Then Ft. Rucker has from January on through the spring to get back to us and tell us *hopefully* that we won't get to go to Savannah because they want Rob in their program!
So anyhoo- it is hard to think back on all that has happened and all that we have been able to do in these 40 months that we've lived over here. In that time we have been to many places, including the following countries:
Germany (duh!)
Poland (need that pottery, but also on a couple of Christian service trips and to Auschwitz, the WWII concentration camp )
France (for some shopping- Plans for Valentine's Day to show Rob the city)
Belgium ( love Brugge and the chocolate)
The Netherlands (Amsterdam and Haarlem mostly)
Denmark (Start of our Baltic Sea cruise)
Estonia (Favorite stop on the cruise!)
Israel (only Rob got to go for 3 weeks for work)
San Marino
Vatican City
Romania (Rob for 3 1/2 months, Bri for 3 days)
North Ireland
England (just for a day this time to see a play) ... That makes 25.
and then we already had Spain last time Rob was in Germany and this Thanksgiving we are heading to....

Whew... what a list. Can't wait to see where else this Army life will allow us to go. =)

Monday, November 9, 2009

PWOC Worship & Study

This last week I went with some other ladies from the chapel to our annual PWOC worship and study retreat up in Willingen (3 hours north of here). Women from all over Europe came together for fellowship and to praise our God (woot, woot!). One of the ladies from the Belgium area brought everyone custom made candies: I had the blessing of being able to go up a day early to help set up things and work in the Helps Office. Later in the week I was working in the office to help with updates once word of the Ft. Hood shootings came out. It was an emotional week and a great time to see many friends who I might not see for quite a while since this looks like my last European Worship & Study Conference. (We'll be moving before too long- but that's for another post.) I look forward to joining the local PWOC when we do move and attending that region's conference next year.

Most of the pictures from my week are on my friend, Tiffany's, camera, but I do have a couple. Here is yet another pic of my wild socks and crocs with this year's PWOC theme banner.