Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Lovely Week

Yesterday was Valentine's day. While I was originally scheduled to spend it with a wonderful group of middle schoolers on a retreat this weekend some new meds from the docs had me feeling a bit under the weather so I ended up staying home. Rob and I woke up to snow on the ground. We took a walk to rent some movies and go out to dinner to celebrate the overly pink and hearted holiday.
Last week there was a dinner fundraiser to help pay the way for some of our high schoolers to go on a mission trip over spring break to the Czech Republic. The asked for volunteers to decorate the tables and my table (pictured above with a wine theme) won first prize. Beat that Martha Stewart! My prize vase is now sparkling on my dining room table holding a new bouquet of swirl colored roses that Rob also got me for Valentine's Day. (Isn't he a sweetie?)
Oh! There was also a dessert contest (in addition to the table decorating one at the fundraiser dinner) and though this spaghetti and meatball looking cupcake didn't win first prize it was just too cute not to share with all of you: