Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Springtime in Paris

For the recent four day weekend we went to Paris. It is only 4 1/2 hours from here so we have been putting it off for the last four years. With less than 50 days until we move it was time we went. Here are a few pics from our trip....
As you might have seen in the National Treasure movie, Paris has a sister to New York's Statue of Liberty. Here I am trying desperately to be the 3rd sister:
Starbucks across from the Moulin Rouge:

In front of the Moulin Rouge:
Making friends with Mona:
Rob making his way through the small door to the bell tower of Notre Dame, no wonder Quasi was a hunch back:
A view over Paris from Notre Dame:
Notre Dame and the Seine River:
Rob helping hold up the pyramid of the Louvre:
The Eiffel Tower by night:
Lady Liberty and the Eiffel Tower:

Yes, we "frenched" in France... hehe
Sending out postcards from the base of the Eiffel Tower:

Ok, so the Eiffel Tower is over 1,000 feet and the Space Needle in Seattle is only slightly over 600 feet. The Space Needle has most of its weight at the top and has a revolving restaurant- at the top. The Eiffel Tower was great but I won't be eating at its first level restaurant (that doesn't revolve) where I read you can expect to pay over $300 per person and need to make reservations at least 3 months in advance!! Wowzers.
So, all in all Paris was great. I'm glad we went and that I only got sick the day we were leaving.
Next month's trip: Dubrovnik, Croatia- stay tuned. hehe =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Okay, now minimize those other documents, hold off on that email in your inbox, and grab yourself a warm specialty drink- if you really want to know what's been going on in the Holt Home, it's gonna take a little bit to catch you up on all that's happening...

Well, on Mothers Day we will be leaving Germany after 4 wonderful years and expanding our experiences of places we've lived by moving to Grants Pass, Oregon!(that's in 53 days.) We only found out where we were moving to two weeks ago. We are excited since this means we will be much closer to family and friends in the Seattle area (6.5 hour drive on I-5).

But I didn't think there was an Army post in Oregon, you say? Well, there isn't. Rob got orders to be a recruiter there for the next 3 years. It is a 2 man recruiting station and it seems the other guy that is already there is excited about having us come because he's getting kinda lonely in the office all by himself. From what we hear the hours are better than what Rob is working here. Woot-woot!
Grants Pass looks like a good place to live. It is in Southern Oregon and there is nothing but nature surrounding this small community centered city (but there is a Super Walmart and more shopping and entertainment in a larger city just a 1/2 hour away.) I can't wait to check out the weekly farmer's and artisans markets! Oh, yeah, I'm thinking there will be much pictorial blogging of Oregon in the future.
We also are excited because once we get set up in Oregon we will be starting the adoption process for some kiddos to expand our family!!!
We have prayed about this decision a LOT. We prayed specifically about taking the adoption road versus the pregnancy road in growing our family. We have prayed about whether God even wants us to have kids. We know that God will give us the desire of our heart, and so we prayed that if something, even kids, was not in tune with His plan that He's remove that want from our hearts-- well after a long time of listening to him and seeking out His will for us, we see a big, one word message :KIDS! So we feel that we are meant to be parents and that adoption is how we will get there.
We're interested in looking into adopting a sibling set of 2-3 kids (ranging anywhere from newborn to age 5). We know we are crazy to take on more than one kid at a time, but by now you should know that this Holt family does things a little kooky, so this plan, and our kids should fit right in. (Besides, we're not alone-- remember how God is running this whole thing? I really don't think I could do this without knowing that he is not calling the equipped - umm, how can I possibly think I am ready to be a mom of multiples?! Me?!- but that He equips the called, and that is just where Rob and I find ourselves, called to start this process that will ultimately bring our kids home.)
So yes, we are expanding- into a bigger home and into a bigger family. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!! The other little details can wait-- for now, I have some packing to do!