Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To my 100+ Readers

Thank you!
I was surprised today to see I had over 100 people visit my blog. I hope you enjoy the posts-- but please leave me some comments so I can get some feedback and a feeling for how to make this blog of mine even better! Again--thanks... to all 100 of you!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My parents: Criminals & Homeless!

Back ground: My parents sold my childhood home on Lake Sawyer last summer and were renting a house while their new one is being built on Angel Lake in Seattle. The garage with a one bedroom apartment above it was to be completed first so they could move in there while the larger house was being built and they wouldn't be paying rent and a mortgage at the same time. So as of last week they were living in the mother-in-law style garage/apartment.

But when I called last week my mom told me they didn't have the final inspection done to get the city's OK to be living in it yet. (There was some delays and this just somehow hadn't been done yet.) So they had to hide the shampoo bottles and anything else making it look like they were living there and left if they new construction workers or people from the city were coming to check things. So, technically... my parents were criminals and acting like Squatters on their own land!
Well yesterday, calling to tell them of my trip to London I found out that the inspection was done and did not pass! So the door was taped off until some very minor, silly things were done and they could come back out to inspect it again. So my parents are having to stay in a hotel until either later today or tomorrow, but for now, technically... they are homeless!

"Frankly, my dear..."

Here we are with the Tower Bridge behind us in London. We flew in at 8:30 and had the morning to collect some smashed coins (from the machines that smash them and put a design on pennies- I LOVE those!) We also went to the Tower of London and across the New London Bridge. Then it was off to Drury Lane. (Sorry, I was hunting down a smashed coin machine and didn't have time to travel all of Drury Lane in search of the Muffin Man. ) and off to see "Gone with the Wind- The Musical" at the New LondonTheatre (pictured here). We both agreed that we had the best seats there. I bought a pin and have plans on making an apron I saw at the gift shop that I knew I could make with an even better design for less than they were asking for in pounds. The show ended at 6:15 and we had a flight at 8 with about an hour tube ride. As the applause started we hurried out hoping we wouldn't miss the flight and have to find a room for the night. Surprisingly we made it there before they had even started boarding and were back home in Mannheim before midnight! It was a whirlwind day, when I asked Rob what he thought of it all he said he enjoyed himself. I bet if I had asked Rhett though I know what he would have replied-"Frankly, my dear I don't give a ...." . Well, Fiddle-dee-dee!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gone with the London Wind

On Saturday Rob and I are going to London to see the World Premier of "Gone With the Wind- The Musical". I feel so fancy and like a rich person- to fly in, catch a matinee at the theatre in London, and then fly home in the evening. It is going to be one long, exciting day. The funny thing is that it is at the New London Theatre on Drury Lane... I wonder if there really is a muffin man living there! I'll investigate this weekend and report my findings.

The book "Gone With the Wind" has a special connection between my granny and me from when I stayed at her home and read the whole book. She then went and got me my own copy- now falling apart but highly treasured.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Noah's Ark

Last week was spring break from work and church activities-- yet I spent more time at the chapel this last week than I have any other week. I helped paint the chapel nursery and added al Noah's ark mural. I could have painted a bigger one but I only had a few days to get it done. It may seem silly, but I painted Noah's face last since I didn't want him watching me work on his ark the whole time. Also, I'm adding some pics of the other wall art I have done here in Germany- our kitchen chef, the guessery, and our hall mouse. Enjoy!