Monday, June 23, 2008

"The Wheels on the Bus Go..."

Yesterday I got to see Rob's new skill in action. Awhile ago he was sent off for two weeks to bus driving school. He drove the bus, with me as his only passenger, up to Weiler Castle to pick up some youth that had just finished a H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence) internship and bring them back to Mannheim for their big show.
After maneuvering in and back through a narrow gate he won the admiration of all on board. Now he says he isn't so quick to put down my idea of RVing around North America someday when retirement time rolls around. After all, an RV is nothing compared to the big school bus he now has mastered. I think it would be wonderful to someday see all those National Parks AFN showcases and many of the states that I have never been to. (I'm not even sure I've hit double digits in the number of states I have been to!)
I wish I had a picture to post of "Rob the Bus Driver" to show you-- but perhaps your imagination can work just as well for this one.