Friday, June 6, 2008

Weiler Castle

Last weekend Rob and I went with the youth group to Weiler Castle in Bessenbach. While Rob soon became known as "Ranger Rob" because he was never far from the big bonfire, I simply helped out where needed. The theme was "Questing for Excellence" and I think that for the most part the kids did acheive that.
Rob and I headed up a few hours behind others since we had to wait until he got off from work. So while they were getting scared inside the big castle as a big wind and rail with hail storm blew threw and knocked out the power- Rob and I were driving in it! The next day our mission was clear- there were plently of trees down and branches to clear (and burn- Rob's favorite part it seems.)
I am looking forward to returning to the castle sometime for a future service project. It was so nice of Jim & Kristen to give us the big suite with the tower room. The building and grounds are just amazing- not to mention the kids we got to bond with over the weekend.


Jill Coen said...

fun! that looks like a great time.

love, jill :)