Friday, September 10, 2010


So, just to catch you all up. We left Germany in May to head to Sacramento to in-process for Rob to be a recruiter in Oregon. Things changed and they send us to Ft. Bragg, NC instead-- but not before we had an impromptu 10 day vacation to sight see the area. Here are some pics from our time there...

In Old Sacramento:

Visiting the old schoolhouse:

The oldtime schoolhouse:

JellyBelly Factory!

This is a mosaic made entirely out of jelly belly beans:

My Jelly bean shaped hamburger we had for lunch after the factory tour:

ChinaTown in San Francisco

View of San Francisco

Notice my Alcatraz Book bag I just had to get!

Cable Car Museum

Lombard Street- crookedest street ever

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge with all its fog.

Hyde Street Trolley. The line was too long to get on so we hiked up, up, up the hills instead.

On Alcatraz Island

Inside Alcatraz

Really inside Alcatraz Prison

My crocs at Ghiradelli Square

Rob on the ferry over to Alcatraz Island

Ooops, sorry still sideways. Oh well. This is us at Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran. We had the BEST clam chowder for lunch while walking around.

Hopping a ride? Nope, it was parked so we just took a quick picture.

And then we went on the USS O'Brien docked back there.

My crocs with new Forrest Gump Jibbetz and Alcatraz in the background.

A store just for my freaky, lefty mom. *sigh*.

"I wish to be Big!"... and meet Tom Hanks.

Castle Winery in Napa

Looks like someone is peeking through the bushes.

I just like the double view in this picture with the rearview mirror.

NAPA VALLEY! Too bad we didn't have room in our suitcases to get some wine since we already had 6 European bottles we had stowed away in the luggage.

And there were plenty more pictures of the winery since Rob thought it was ironic that we leave Europe only to find a castle in the middle of California!

Hope you enjoyed. Next coming is pictures from our trip to Charleson, SC to get our car after we moved to Ft. Bragg. =)